Youth Forum

Dan smith at future exchange

RLSB’s Youth Forum was set up to act as a megaphone for vision impaired young people in London and the South East and to unearth potential solutions to challenges we face, such as employment, transport and accessible technology.

The Youth Forum is made up of vision impaired people aged between 16–25.

The Forum meets regularly to contribute to development of RLSB and its services; advise on the needs and aspirations of vision impaired young people and act as a voice for the wider community it represents.

In 2014, the RLSB Youth Forum released the first ever manifesto representing the views of blind young people, and they changed the game in transport and employment. Here is a brief overview of what they set out to do:

In 2015, they are continuing to work hard to make sure that the views of vision impaired young people are heard by politicians, companies and decision makers.

If you’d like to know more about the Youth Forum, including how you can join, email

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